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Renesas Gang Programmer-Octoprog(RL78/R8C)


The Renesas Gang Programmer-Octoprog(RL78/R8C) features include:

  • Economical means of programming the internal flash memory of a wide range of RL78/R8C family of microcontroller units.
  • Stand-alone programming mode of operation.
  • Single +5V, 3A dc power supply requirement.
  • Eight pairs of 14 pin FRC male connectors to accommodate for up to eight MCU programmer stations.
  • Multicolor Status LEDs for each programming station.

The Renesas gang progarmmer-Octoprog is a RL78/R8C Family device programmer that can program up to eight identical devices at the same time. The Renesas Gang Programmer-octoprog connects to a host PC using USB and provides flexible programming options that allow the user to fully customize the process. The Renesas Gang Programmer-octoprog provides an economical and reliable means of programming a wide range of RL78/R8C microcontroller units(MCUs). It is designed with a versatile hardware platform to support programming of different MCUs. The Renesas gang programmer-octoprog can be used to program eight devices simultaneously by copying data held in an internal flash memory to the MCUs internal memory.

Note: Support for RL78-G10 family devices is removed from standard model of Octoprog.

Octoprog software allows user to encrypt and download the hex-file from PC to Gang Programmer using USB connection. Only if the encryption key in programmer and key used for hex-file encryption matches then code will be successfully programmed. This help the user to share the hex-file (encrypted) with EMS provider as the encrypted hex file can be used only with the respective programmer. In addition to this Renesas Gang Programmer-Octoprog allows the user to set the number of targets programmed, Once target count is reached programmer will wipe out its internal memory and wont program any further targets.