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CP2102 USB to RS232 Module


The CP2102 USB to RS232 Module features include:

    Want to connect modules like GSM, GPS, RFID reader etc which have RS232 output to your PC or laptop? Then this is a USB to RS232 Module is perfect for you. This is a RS232 to USB converter module based on Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to UART bridge IC. The CP2102 USB to UART Module basically consists of two IC's one is CP2102 USB to TTL converter & the other is MAX232 which is a TTL to RS232 converter. So the RS232 data received from the GSM module is first converted into TTL via MAX232 & then into USB using the CP2102 IC. The modules is powered via USB port so no external power supply is required for this module. Four pins for direct TTL interfacing has also been provided so you can use this module as TTL to USB converter as well.